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Yarn sale fundraiser!

cue drumroll....
The yarn sale is open!
I offer, for your perusal, several items of handspun & deepest stash yarn. All proceeds generated by this yarn sale will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society.
If you would like to purchase any of the yarn items listed please mail me at eimeareeATgmailDOTcom (replacing the AT & DOT as necessary), & with 'Yarn Sale' in the subject bar. Please include the requested yarn, your name & contact details in the body of the mail. Please also let me know if you are in the Dublin area.
I will reserve items on a first-come-first-served basis and contact you to make arrangements for payment & delivery. I will also hand deliver if anyone wishes to attend the Fibre Fun Friday meetings (next one due May 4th), or otherwise arrange to meet in person for anyone in the Dublin area.
As this is a fund raiser, I'm asking that any online payments can be made through my online charity page, as I would rather that every single penny go tow…

Fund raising

As previously mentioned, I will be taking part in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon this year, to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. I don't know a single person who hasn't been somehow affected by cancer & want to do something positive, instead of feeling so bloody helpless every time that particular c-word is mentioned.
As part of the fund raising effort, I have organised a bake sale in work. I have also started a fund raising page here and am requesting any loose change to fill up my begging bowl.
As part of the fund raising effort I will be announcing a yarn sale, to rehome some of my handspun yarn & some neglected gems from the stash.

(bet that got your attention?)

I'm both intimidated and excited by all of this as I've never done anything like this before. I'm also finding it difficult to concentrate on some real-life perspective, with all the nonsense that is currently going on in my workplace. I don't raise funds; I don't talk to pe…

Growing older, not growing up.

I've just turned 30. I am very reluctant to grow up so was expecting to be rather traumatised by the whole event & just wanted to ignore it. But real life & people got in the way.

Friday 13th; I held a bake sale in work, as a fund raiser for the Irish Cancer Society. This will be added to the funds raised in sponsorship of my taking part in the Women's Mini Marathon. I spent Thursday evening baking, washing up & icing, & went into the office on Friday laden down with fairy cakes, oaty cherry cookies & gingerbread loaf. A couple of colleagues also contributed cookies & orange fairy cakes & banana bread. Most impressively, the bake sale raised a whopping €197.23 - not bad for a morning's work. The one lesson I learned from this was to always have paper plates.

Later on Friday, I joined some fellow knitters /fibre nuts for dinner in Yamamori's. There's something about eating food with sticks that is really appealling. We later moved on to t…

Collins Barracks - covering your feet since...?

The last few photos taken at the National Museum in Collins Barracks; these show socks & slippers & other sock related items. Like a big eejit, I did not take very many, if any notes on the day, so please enjoy the photos in total ignorance! It's almost strange to think of something as humble as a sock on display in a museum, but I suppose many archaeological finds are as everyday as pots, shoes, & tools for carrying out daily chores. I also cannot imagine knitting a stocking big enough to require that enormous sock blocker.

Gratuitous outdoors photos

While tidying up my photo filing I came across some photos taken during a previous walk up the hills.
Some of which amused me greatly. Rock-face - geddit?  Some of great views over Dublin bay...
 And south, towards Wicklow
And some that reminded me just how quickly the weather turns. I was very glad to see that bit of sun!
And in fibre-related activities, I have been spinning quite a bit.  This is Knit have recently gotten in some solid-coloured Corridale tops. I've never spun this fibre before. It was a little sticker than, say Bluefaced Leicester, or Merino but still pleasant to use. I mixed together grey & a turquoise colour unevenly after tearing into strips lengthways. I used a spindle to spin the singles & then plied it on the wheel. No idea what I will knit with it yet though.

Frilly bits (old stuff, part 3)

More museum photos - bored yet?  While wandering through 'The Way We Wore' exhibition I realised that I wasn't going to get satisfactory shots of the overall garments; too many reflections from the display cases & too many people wandering through. So I focussed on the details. Which happened to be very frilly bits.

I know that knitting & sewing your own clothes (as I do) seems entirely foreign & a-may-zing to non crafters. Even as a crafter I find the idea of making such delicate & fine lace completely incredible. Something to aim for, perhaps.