Monday, February 18, 2013

Yarn Sale

I've come to the conclusion that I am utterly at a loss for quite a number of yarn items in my stash; I have no idea what to make with these skeins, and feel somewhat burdened by their presence. It's time to let them go to a better home. If you're interested in any of the yarns please email me at eimearee(at)gmail(dot)com ; I am open to offers on multiple purchases & accept payment by paypal. Prices do not include P&P, and I may be available to meet up in Dublin city centre.

These yarns are also visible on my Ravelry stash page here.

Wensleydale Longwool - Sheep Shop DK
3 skeins - colour 411 Grey (total 705 metres)
price e10 for 3

Wagtail Yarns - Fine Kid Mohair 4 ply
375 metres
price e10 
Manos Del Uruguay silk bend DK
300 metres
colourway; 6958 pink - original label lost
price e9

Garnstudio Drops Alpaca
(sport weight) - 2 skeins (total 360 m)
price e6 for the pair

King Cole Baby Alpaca DK
2 skeins - 1 dark grey, 1 light grey
100 m each
price e4 each
Brown Sheep Wildfoote luxury sock
colour -SY 150 acappella / 196 metres
price e4
Malabrigo Baby Merino Lace
50 g / 430 metres each
Verde Esperaza x 1 **GONE**
SFO sky x 1 **GONE**
Azul Profundo x 2
price e8.50 each

Juno Fibre Arts Alice Lace
70% Alpaca, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere
colourway - Raisin, 800m / 100g
price e20

Hedgehog Fibres sock
colourway; 350 m
price e19

The Natural Dye Studio Angel Lace
Colour - Aqua 2211
800 m / 70% Alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere
price e20
Handspun - Cocktails 
Mixed fibre batts blended by LHogan
Merino, Angelina & recycled Sari Silk
Chain plied & approx aran weight
124 metres
price e15
Handspun - Corriedale
mix of charcoal & teal blue
2 ply; approx sport weight
approx 160 metres
price e12 
Handspun - Merino
Hand-dyed by Hedgehog Fibres
Chain plied; approx DK weight
130 metres
price e15

(very soft & squishey)

Handspun Merino-silk blend (semi woollen)
2 ply yarn - varies from sport -DK weight
160 metres

(soft & fluffy)

Handspun - mixed fibre batts
Blended by Hedgehog Fibres; 
containing Merino & Angelina
spun 2 ply - approx sport - DK weight
Total of 368 m in 4 skeins
price e30

Handspun Go Go Gidget 
Mixed fibre batts blended by LHogan
Merino, Silk & Angelina
Spun 2-ply, approx dk - aran weight
approx 163 metres
priced e15

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ring around a rosie...

In a rather typically understated move, the fella & I recently tied the knot, surrounded by immediate family & a couple of our very closest & oldest friends. I couldn't let the occasion pass without some sort of celebratory woollen shenanigans. I've always been a bit of an uncouth unladylike tomboy, but took pleasure in releasing my inner girlieness for the day, to crochet a frilly pink floral-effect posy.

I used Wendy Merino 4 ply in a rather pleasant dusty pink shade for the blooms & some deepest-stash Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport weight for the leaves etc.

The flower shapes are based on hyperbolic crochet methods used for the Crochet Coral Reef project; the basic idea is that on each row, you increase your stitches at the same rate. For example, if you start with 10 stitches, you increase to 20 st on the second row, and 40 on the 3rd row, and so on.

For these blooms, I started with a chain of between 10 - 15 stitches; then double crochet, twice into each chain stitch; on the next row I would again double crochet twice into each stitch. For some variation, I would sometimes use treble crochet stitches on the last row, or make 3 stitches from each one on the previous row. I stitched each bloom into place, ready for assembling. 

My intention was to make something reminiscent of a bunch of carnations; full & frilly & pink.
Of course, I completely forgot to take shots of the leaves /tendrils in sections. The leaves were formed by crocheting a chain & then stitching up & down 2 sides of that chain. The tendrils were made by crocheting a chain, and double-crochet twice into each chain stitch for extra volume & twist.

Assembling the posy took a bit more work & various crafty bits & pieces I had lying around the home. (yes, I have strange things in my home). The structure was built around a polystyrene ball. I pushed a sharpened disposable chopstick into the middle to hold the ball firmly in place, leaving several inches outside the polystyrene as a handle. To widen the 'stem' handle, I placed a cardboard tube around the chopstick. The polystyrene ball was a little smaller than I wanted, so I wrapped it in a thin layer of wadding / stuffing. 
To keep all of this in place, I put a piece of old fishnet tights around the entire structure; stitched tightly into place at the base of the polystyrene ball, and at the end of the handle. The fishnet structure also meant that I could use by big old yarn needles to stitch each bloom & leaf into place. Once all of the individual pieces were stitched on to the 'posy' I crochet a piece of fabric to wrap around the 'stem', & finished this off with a piece of gingham ribbon.

I completely forgot about the posy during the ceremony itself, but really just wanted it as a photo prop.  We had a lovely, simple day with our small group of guests, and some good food; most importantly, we now get to have the rest of our lives.

Thanks to Julie of Half a Dream Away for the wonderful photos of the finished project.