Sock knitting

Every now & then, I catch myself doing something that probably would appear odd to onlookers non-knitters. Like measuring & drawing marks on my feet. 
Of course it makes sense to anyone who has knitted socks, I'm sure. That magical 2 inches for the toe decreases. 

I'm fairly certain nobody noticed me on the bus that one time, when I slipped off my sandals, revealing the line drawn on my foot before I left the house, to try on the sock in progress. Though it might have been caught on the security camera. Totally worth it for the knitted socks though.

Sock in progress: no specific pattern, loosely based on a mash up of elements from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. Yarn: Araucania Huasco Sock, which came to me through somebody else's tidying up.


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