Rossmore Shawl

Well I've really let down the blogging over the last while. Let's play catch up on some pattern releases, shall we?

Rossmore Shawl was released last Autumn. This triangular,  biased garter stitch shawl begins by casting on a few stitches, increasing the stitch count as it is worked. It is knit in 3 colours, with garter stitch stripes, and featuring slipped stitch motifs. Only one colour is worked in each row.

The motifs take their inspiration from the surface decoration on Gold Lunalae in the National Museum of Ireland. The pattern is named for Rossmore Park in Co Monaghan, the location where one of the lunalae was found.

The sample was knit in Brooklyn Tweed Loft - a beautiful woollen-spun fingering weight yarn, in three shades. I love the subtle heathery tones in this yarn - there is a surprising variety of tones, especially in the greys!

EDIT: The pattern is available for purchase through my Ravelry Store, see link in profile. 

I'm still obsessing over the simple geometric designs on old stuff. I'm currently planning on revisiting some artefacts I looked at before, & reinterpreting them in another way. I suppose that's the thing about knitting; there are so many different possibilities that one can never try everything!

I'm grateful for the assistance of test knitters in bringing this pattern to life. There is currently some discussion on various social media about the fairness of using test knitters, and how to compensate them. At the moment, I ask for volunteers, and test knitters are compensated with another pattern of their choice for free. I admit that it's not really fair compensation for the time involved in trouble shooting, and providing feedback, never mind the knitting. And it is something I would like to change in the future. However, I am also of the opinion that it is okay to ask for help, as long as one accepts & respects a 'no' answer!


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