My latest pattern has just been released on Knitty!!

This is Banrion; a two - colour triangular shawl with ribbed cables.

Confession time; Banrion is correctly spelled 'BanrĂ­on' (pronounced 'banREEon, meaning 'Queen' in Irish. Or 'woman - king' if were going for a literal translation). That wee fada over the 'i' there makes a huge difference in Irish pronunciation, and sometimes therefore the meaning of the word. 

While missing fadas do make me twitch, I also see the need for compromise when dealing with computers and non Irish speakers. I apologise to any Gaeilgeoirs I may have upset.

 Thanks to The Mister for the photographic assistance. The photos were taken on a very windy day at North Bull Island, with the two Small Humans pottering underfoot and putting my multi tasking skills to the test (trying to keep an eye on them and produce some useable photos).

I owe massive thanks to the team at LYS for moral support. Sometimes, being shoved out of one's comfort zone is a good thing!
See the pattern on Knitty for more details. 


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