Woollinn 2019

The last 6 weeks have just flown by, and I have completely forgotten to share my spoils of Woollinn.
This year's festival was the second event run by the owners of This is Knit, who I am lucky to call my friends and bosses. The vendors were a lovely mixture of familiar faces and new-to-me surprises. The teaching line up was a wonderful selection of people who really know their stuff, and who happen to be very nice people too. I was working on the This is Knit stand for the weekend, but took advantage of quiet moments to have a slow browse, or a mad dash through the market places.

The results of Friday's shopping through the indoor market place, in which you may sense a recurring theme. This bag of yarn smelled deliciously sheepy, as most of the yarns are undyed. I may have spent some time sniffing this collection.
L-R :Westwool Bicycle, Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool, Lanivendole, & more Biches & Buches.

On Saturday, I had a bit of a mad dash through the marquee, having done some research before hand.
I'm sensing another theme here.
L-R: Dye Candy mixed fibre batt, HeyJay yarn minis, Undercover Otter fibres, Dye Candy's BrĂ³d colour way (a woollinn exclusive), Fine Fish yarns Corriedale, Bear in Sheeps Clothing Gotland, GamerCrafting's Reverse Rainicorn, and fine wool from Toft (something I have been wishing for, since I first got my hands on Toft DK a number of years ago)
It might take me a while to make a dent in this.

Overall, my lasting impression of Woollinn was having lots of yarn-people, smiling. It was good.


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