Tour de Fleece... and then some.

I present to you my Tour de Fleece spinning! It wasn't much; I decided I would just do about 15 minutes a day in between all the other demands of life. I spun one project; approximately 295 metres / 110 grams of 3 ply yarn, of various fibres (wool, some mohair, some silk) gathered from stash and arranged in a gradient. 

Only then I kept on spinning. 
approx 217 metres / 87 grams from a batt prepared by Dye Candy, bought at this year's Woollinn. Finished yarn is a 2 ply. 

 Approx 148 m / 103 grams dyed by Irish Fairytale Yarns, bought at last year's Woollinn. I tried to challenge myself by spinning thicker singles than usual.  Fractal spun, plying 1/2 with 3/6s.

 Approx 190 metres/ 111 grams from batts prepared by Ellie and Ada, chain plied. I just adore Laura's batt preparations; there are always wee surprises of colours tucked inside. 

 Approx 98 metres / 68 grams of Shetland tops, dyed by me quite some time ago. 2 ply, fractal spun as 1/2 and 2/4s. I am so very pleased with how the colour turned out in the finished yarn.

 Approx 67 metres / 54 grams from rolags prepared by Pretty Funky Fibre, chain plied. So pretty. So much fun to spin.

I've also realised that this year marks my tenth year of spinning for the Tour de Fleece, and the tenth anniversary of this blog. (The blog originally started because I wanted to document my dye and spin experiments in more detail during my first Tour de Fleece). 
Plans are afoot for a wee 10 year celebration...


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