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Tour de Fleece... and then some.

I present to you my Tour de Fleece spinning! It wasn't much; I decided I would just do about 15 minutes a day in between all the other demands of life. I spun one project; approximately 295 metres / 110 grams of 3 ply yarn, of various fibres (wool, some mohair, some silk) gathered from stash and arranged in a gradient. 

Only then I kept on spinning.  approx 217 metres / 87 grams from a batt prepared by Dye Candy, bought at this year's Woollinn. Finished yarn is a 2 ply. 
 Approx 148 m / 103 grams dyed by Irish Fairytale Yarns, bought at last year's Woollinn. I tried to challenge myself by spinning thicker singles than usual.  Fractal spun, plying 1/2 with 3/6s.

 Approx 190 metres/ 111 grams from batts prepared by Ellie and Ada, chain plied. I just adore Laura's batt preparations; there are always wee surprises of colours tucked inside. 
 Approx 98 metres / 68 grams of Shetland tops, dyed by me quite some time ago. 2 ply, fractal spun as 1/2 and 2/4s. I am so very plea…

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