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New Pattern Release - Taisce

Re-introducing the Taisce cowl! This cowl was originally released as part of Stolen Stitches' Celtic Knits Club 2021. It is now available as a single pattern, so we might as well have a bit of a chat about it.  Taisce (pronounced tash-keh, Irish for hoard or treasure), is inspired by artefacts from the Golden Age of Irish Art. We tend to use the term 'Celtic' Design to refer to interlacing ribbon motifs, featured on many artefacts from the early Christian Era in Ireland.  Items such as the Ardagh Chalice and Derrynaflan Paten , were made in the 8th or 9th Century, and consist large areas of smooth polished metal, with contrasting smaller areas of highly decorated surfaces. Some of  these decorations include interlacing ribbons, which also bear a remarkable resemblance to some cable patterns typically used in Aran knitting, during the 20th Century.  Beginning with just a few stitches, Taisce is worked flat, and seamed.  It features a cable panel, which hangs diagonally agai

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