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Sculpture in Context 2015

It's Autumn!! Which means; Leaves are turning. The weather is getting colder - knitter season! Sculpture in Context is on display in the Botanic Gardens.  We had a little wander on a recent sunny morning. Here are some of the pieces that really caught our attention.
Another Place by Tara Butler Frey
It Tolls for Thee by Niamh & Brian Synnott  This was our favourite piece. It's really lovely to see something truly interactive in a public setting. 
Flotsam & Jetsam by Verona Stellet
Stalkers in the Midst by Orla Kaminska
Bird Song by Michelle Hannan
Zonitoides Nitidus by Michael C. Keane The Small Human is fascinated, if a little intimated by this piece. It's huge (for a snail).
Untitled by Genevieve Kiely The only yarn I spotted in this year's exhibition ... fun fur. It looks effective hanging  in a glass house though!
Hare Bells, Pond Life & A Nursery for Dandelions by Thomas Wollen
Snail Boy by Barra Cassidy
Gardeners Delight by Alan Boyle This is just a small secti…

Sewing - project bags

I'm currently experiencing something of a black hole of knitting. This has involved lots of casting on, & casting aside of new projects, and completely re-knitting a cardigan that just wasn't right. In 4 ply yarn. After I'd already woven in ends & blocked the original. (I may have been in some denial about the cardigan's issues.) I have managed to get some sewing done though! I cut out the fabric for these project bags months ago & finally dragged out the sewing machine from it's toddler-proof hiding place the other day. The basic bag is made up from no particular pattern. 
They will come in handy for tidying away some of these knitting works in progress.