Sculpture in Context 2015

It's Autumn!! Which means;
Leaves are turning.
The weather is getting colder - knitter season!
Sculpture in Context is on display in the Botanic Gardens. 
We had a little wander on a recent sunny morning. Here are some of the pieces that really caught our attention.
Another Place by Tara Butler Frey

It Tolls for Thee by Niamh & Brian Synnott 
This was our favourite piece. It's really lovely to see something truly interactive in a public setting. 

Flotsam & Jetsam by Verona Stellet

Stalkers in the Midst by Orla Kaminska

Bird Song by Michelle Hannan

Zonitoides Nitidus by Michael C. Keane
The Small Human is fascinated, if a little intimated by this piece. It's huge (for a snail).

Untitled by Genevieve Kiely
The only yarn I spotted in this year's exhibition ... fun fur. It looks effective hanging  in a glass house though!

Hare Bells, Pond Life & A Nursery for Dandelions by Thomas Wollen

Snail Boy by Barra Cassidy

Gardeners Delight by Alan Boyle
This is just a small section of the whole piece. There was something really pleasing about the shapes & colours of these tiles. I would love to embroider something inspired by this. 

Sculpture in Context is on display until 16th October in Dublin's Botanic Gardens. 


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