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New pattern: Garter Yoke

Most knitters are familiar with the term yoke referring to the part of a sweater around the neck and shoulders. However, growing up in Ireland, the word is used to mean… almost anything;

(from the Collins dictionary) (Irish) any device, unusual object, or gadget“    where's the yoke for opening tins?
(from these days in Ireland, a Yoke refers to almost *anything* "how do you get this feckin yoke to work?" - computer  "pass me that yoke" - pencil  "this yoke is feckin broken!" - DVD player  etc
So this seemed like the perfect neck accessory that could be described as a dickie, a cowl or a neck warmer.

The Garter Yoke is a no-nonsense warming layer around the neck without extra bulk; perfect for under snug fitting coats & jackets. There are ends to tuck in or gaps in the wrapping to worry about. It is more form-fitting than the typical loose cowl, and comes down around the shoulders for extra warmth.

The design came about from …