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Do you believe in fairies?

On previous wanders through Marlay Park I was convinced that the wooded areas are perfect for hiding fairies. I had also noticed a tree trunk with notes & trinkets attached to it.

On my most recent trip, I stopped to read the notes & letters; they were addressed to the fairies! Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks this is perfect fairy territory.

I noticed more details today, mostly with the help of a small girl who was passing by with her parents; a tiny door at the base of the tree trunk almost hidden from grown-up view.

The door has a tiny bell attached; my new friend rang the bell in the hope that the fairies would come out and say hello. I also noticed, for the first time, a castle atop this tree trunk. How did I never notice this before?! I love the fact that our long traditions of leaving presents for the fairies lives on; that small children, & even some adults take comfort in leaving their wishes with a tree.

A little bit of google research gave me some m…

Spinning Wensleydale

I recently bought some Wensleydale fibre from Hedgehog Fibres. This is like nothing I've ever spun before. The fibre has a really long staple length, & really wavey crimp.

It has an appearance almost like human hair.
The spun fibres have a strange lustre & heavy drape, but I found it impossible to keep from having a halo of loose hairs around the spun yarn (not unlike most mohair yarns I've encountered). The fibre shed as I spun & loose hairs stuck in my clothes. The sensation reminded me of those loose hairs you find in your clothes after getting a haircut; not pleasant.

I chain-plied the singles to end up with roughly a DK weight yarn.
I only spun a small portion of the fibre; I suspect that changing my spinning methods to suit the fibre might result in something a little easier to handle.