Do you believe in fairies?

On previous wanders through Marlay Park I was convinced that the wooded areas are perfect for hiding fairies. I had also noticed a tree trunk with notes & trinkets attached to it.

On my most recent trip, I stopped to read the notes & letters; they were addressed to the fairies! Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks this is perfect fairy territory.

I noticed more details today, mostly with the help of a small girl who was passing by with her parents; a tiny door at the base of the tree trunk almost hidden from grown-up view.

The door has a tiny bell attached; my new friend rang the bell in the hope that the fairies would come out and say hello.
I also noticed, for the first time, a castle atop this tree trunk. How did I never notice this before?! I love the fact that our long traditions of leaving presents for the fairies lives on; that small children, & even some adults take comfort in leaving their wishes with a tree.

A little bit of google research gave me some more information; the sculptures were installed as part of a bird care project by St Michael's House. I cannot find any account of a wishing tree in the area previously.
From St Michael's House newsletter;
Perhaps the crowning glory of our bird project to date is the installing of a purpose built Fairy castle upon a tree in the forest at Marley Park. This five-towered castle, built in special weatherproof material is designed as a nesting and roosting site for small birds and insects.
Our fairy tree is designed to keep the imagination of young children alive, as they wander through the forest and then are surprised to find the small fairy door at the base of the 300-year-old beech tree. As they look up and see the fairy castle, they remain enraptured by the magic and as we wait in excitement to see if the birds in the forest will react as positively and take up residence in their new home.
Why don’t you develop a bird nesting or feeding site in your unit or home as well? It brings so much joy to all, to see Mother Nature at work.


  1. I love that door!
    When I have a garden, I'll remember to do that.

  2. I don't think I quite captured just how almost-hidden that door really is!
    Just the perfect height for toddlers to notice, I think.


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