Spinning Wensleydale

I recently bought some Wensleydale fibre from Hedgehog Fibres. This is like nothing I've ever spun before.
The fibre has a really long staple length, & really wavey crimp.

It has an appearance almost like human hair.

The spun fibres have a strange lustre & heavy drape, but I found it impossible to keep from having a halo of loose hairs around the spun yarn (not unlike most mohair yarns I've encountered). The fibre shed as I spun & loose hairs stuck in my clothes. The sensation reminded me of those loose hairs you find in your clothes after getting a haircut; not pleasant.

I chain-plied the singles to end up with roughly a DK weight yarn.

I only spun a small portion of the fibre; I suspect that changing my spinning methods to suit the fibre might result in something a little easier to handle.


  1. Do you plan to spin the rest of it differently then?

  2. Yes. I just haven't figured out what the differences will be! possibly full the finished yarn?!


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