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Spinning artefacts at the National Museum pt II

I can't believe it has been 9 whole months since I last posted about the National Museum's collection. Since then, the Museum have updated their camera policy, hurrah!!
The exhibition areas in the museum are rather dark (good for the artefacts, not for photos) so please excuse the bad quality pics; I suggest going to visit the museum on Kildare St for yourself to really see just what our ancestors were capable of.

Some whorls, spindles and a suspected 'yarn winder' in the medieval display;
The following photos are from the 'Viking' display, mostly found around the Wood Quay / Fishamble St area in Dublin. Imagine pinning up your hand-spun and hand-knit shawl with a modern reproduction of one of these;
More pins - again, I would love something like this for myself!
These teeny tiny spindles are about the same length as a crochet hook; the whorls were tiny...
... perfect for spinning very fine threads. The individual strands in this piece of woven fabric are finer tha…

The way to a knitter's heart...

is through a new project with some delightful details & new techniques to try.

Vikkel braid from Fugue by Kate Davies

This is a lovely new-to-me technique that is just involved enough for some added interest, but not difficult at all. First time I've tried stranded colourwork in purl stitch. The foul humour of yesterday evening was banished. I look forward to finishing work today just so I can start into the stranded colourwork pattern. YAY!! charts!


I've had 'one of those' working days & am in a pissy humour, with another 2 whole days in the office to get through. There's only one possible solution..
Cast on a new project. Baby knits be-damned.

Endless hours of fun!

Oh how I love my jar of buttons.
As a child, I used to love rooting through the Mammy's button tin, at the shiney things of colour. Now, I have my own button collection & can do silly things like arrange them by colour.
So satisfying.