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Hurrah for the Marlay Park Hoodie

I am thoroughly thrilled to have finished my version of the Central Park Hoodie within the Ravelympics time limit. See my smug grin? See my smiling eyes? I've realised that I do a great little teapot pose, and that the balcony containers need a bit of tidying.

Yarn; Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed Aran (approx 1200 meters)Pattern; Central Park Hoodie Needles; 4mm & 3.5 mm for ribbing Buttons; handmade, by Incomparable Buttons, bought at This is Knit.
Named for my local park, this is my first ''proper garment''ever; I am happily surprised by the fact that it fits, that the individual pieces fit together, that button bands are not that difficult and that the hood is rather pointed and more than a little 'elfin' looking.
So in one fell swoop, I have won a Ravelympics medal for 'WIP Dancing', completed item number one in my 'Ten for '10' list and used a chunk of yarn stash.