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Handspun Yoke Cardigan

I have practically finished my handspun yoke cardigan, after much spinning, knitting, tinkering with the pattern, and more knitting. I still have to weave in ends and find buttons, but it's the weather is too warm for such a cosy cardigan right now - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
I made several modifications to the pattern; to suit my tastes & chosen yarns;
Sleeves; the sleeves in the pattern are straight. This would mean that the sleeve would be very loose around the wrist, which I like the look of, but find impratical. The pattern called for 54 stitches to be cast-on; I cast on 46 stitches, then knit for 2 1/2 inches and increased by 2 stitches x 4 times. This meant that I increased to the recommended 54 stitches when the sleeve was 10 inches long. I then continued to knit straight, as recommended, and added an extra half inch length.
The pattern suggests knitting the main, commercial yarn at a slightly loose tension, and knitting very slightly thicker h…