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Everyone really is fond of owls...

I've given up on re-knitting my owls jumper for now; I'm just not in the mood for knitting a whole garment at the moment. However, the owls obsession continues, thanks in part to this video. I've also been spotting owls in new & unexpected places... like this strange fluffy creature in a children's clothing shop window...  ... and this bizarre ornament spotted in my local woodies, with added sparkles.
Most impressive of all, the owls gathered by my Knitmas swap secret elf; Irish knitters on twitter recently took part in a christmas, or knitmas gift swap... (check out the fabulous wrapping paper, covered in owls!) ...and I was the lucky recipient of hand-made stitch markers, sweet treats, spinnable fibre, and a fabulous wee owl who's still waiting for a name. Thanks so much to L for my lovely gift, and to S for organising the whole gift swap.