Tour de Fleece - day 23 - the home sprint

Phew!! I got a bit of a headstart today, by spinning into the wee hours of last night, long after any natural daylight had passed for photos. I finished plying 'Sprocket' - 289 metres of 2 ply approx dk-aran weight black welsh fibre. I have finished spinning and plying 'Mokey Fraggle' - 200 metres of bluefaced leicester, handdyed fibre.
I spun & plied 'Wembley Fraggle' - 86 metres of 2 ply, approx dk-aran weight bluefaced leicester, handdyed in Wembley Fraggle colours.

So I have completed 5 yarns, one for each of the main 5 Fraggles.I did a rough count, and reckon I’ve spun 2,238 metres of finished yarn since the beginning of the Tour de Fleece. I’ve tried a couple of different plying methods, I have included beads, I have spun varying thicknesses, I have hand-dyed fibre for spinning, and I have gotten so many ideas from what I have seen other participants making. It’s been great fun, but I think the other half will be glad to have me, and our living room, back to normal and Fraggle free… for a while at least.


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