Knitters' day out - WWKIP 2010

The Dublin-based knitters celebrated World Wide Knit in Public Day on a lovely Saturday afternoon, in St Stephen's Green.

There was yummy icecream..... Park Attendants (it's okay - we had a permission slip)

...yummy apple cake... monster!...Super French (we are never the biggest spectacle there)

I showed off my Swallowtail Shawl, and others obliged by looking impressed..Cookies!
Crochet lessons
Best napkins ev-ah!
And even some cross-stitching.
It was a very pleasant day with many familiar faces, and a few strangers too. I am thoroughly convinced that the Irish Weather Gods are knitters as we had very pleasant weather too.
Next year I will plan ahead & bake something too!


  1. Great post. Love the pictures, although it makes me want more of that delicious ice-cream!

  2. Yay, was looking forward to seeing your pics - excellent cakeography there :D

  3. Cakeography.. a whole new hobby!

  4. Sorry I missed it. Looked like really good fun



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