Tour de Fleece; final tally

Due to various family commitments over the last couple of days I have completely missed out on keeping up with the Tour de Fleece deadlines, and regular blog posts. I have finished spinning sport-weight 2 ply yarn, from a LHogan batt.My total Tour de Fleece spinning; 4 substantial amounts of yarns I am very happy to use & some hand-made spindling experiments.
I've also had the chance to take a workshop with Louisa Harding; the workshop provided a chance to experiment with combining different colours & textures to make a wee purse. I chose a combination of oranges & pinks, and I can safely say that this is the most girlie sparkley thing I have ever knit.
I'm also very inspired to experiment with more colours; more experimental yarn combinations.


  1. Really love the colours of your spinning FOs - well done, you did loads!


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