Ignorance is bliss

Yes, another shawl FO. This is the fifth triangular shawl I finished so far this year, and certainly the most challenging. Mostly because I was incapable of reading the chart & its key carefully. As a result of printing out the pattern in black & white, I mistook the first few hundred beads that I should have added for 'purl on RS' stitches. In fairness, I did intend to use fewer beads than called for in the pattern. I also confused the symbols for a single decrease and a double decrease at one stage. However, I did finish the project on time for a friend's birthday, and I am fairly smug with the results.

Pattern; Aeolian by Elizabeth Freeman
Yarn; Hedgehog Fibres pure cashmere lace in 'Glacier'.
Beads; Japanese seed beads 8/0 round ( not knowing much about beads, I assume this refers to size & shape)

Lessons learned; adding beads with a crochet hook & reading the bloody pattern very carefully. Also noting the perils of printing charts in black & white.

While I don't wear particularly girly clothing, I do enjoy making it, & I seem to have found a very willing recipient for my efforts.


  1. Wow you're really churning out the pretty shawls right now! It's really beautiful.

  2. Bootiful!!! I'm in awe of your knitting speed. That aeolian is just perfect, I adore the colour and the beads. Hope the recipient knows how special it is.

  3. Oh, wow. I love everything about it.

  4. Thanks girls.
    Birthday girl has assured me that she has been gleefully showing it off for the last couple of days. *smug knitter*


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