Since I was a child I have loved Jim Henson films & TV shows, especially the Labyrinth & the Dark Crystal. Last week 'the fella' & I went to London to see one of our all-time favourite musicians, Devin Townsend. Devin is also a massive fan of The Dark Crystal so I thought he would appreciate my attempts to recreate Fizzgig (youtube link).

Mini-Fizzgig was lovingly crafted using some scraps of hideous novelty yarn, a piece of red felt fabric & safety eyes & nose, in a completely made up pattern.

Mini-Fizzgig was chucked up onstage during the gig, successfully. I spoke to Devin after the gig; I believed he used the word 'Awesome'.


  1. I don't know what dark crystal is but OMG I love him!

  2. Great job but dear God, what horrendous yarn! This was sold to knit with?! Sounds like you'd a mighty time :)

  3. Horrendous yarn that actually works for weird little mini puppets!
    Julie; it's a Jim Henson film & I highly recommend it! lots of cute & creepy creatures.
    Thanks guys :)


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