FO; Lacy Baktus scarf in handspun yarn

Yarn; 'Louisa' merino tencel fibre, dyed by LHogan and spun by me (2 ply)
Needles; 4 mm

I enjoyed knitting this pattern; it was just simple enough to carry around for social knitting, but the lacy pattern, combined with the subtle shifting colours of the handspun yarn make a nice, interesting and just-pretty-enough finished scarf. The only difficulty was figuring out the middle of my yarn so I could make the most of it! Mostly because I didn't weigh & mark the yarn into halves before knitting.

PS.. yes this is the yarn that appears in my blog header.


  1. Yum yum! Very nice! Great pattern to show off your yarn :)

  2. I love how you Lacy Bactus turned out. So much subtler than mine!


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