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Ignorance is bliss

Yes, another shawl FO. This is the fifth triangular shawl I finished so far this year, and certainly the most challenging. Mostly because I was incapable of reading the chart & its key carefully. As a result of printing out the pattern in black & white, I mistook the first few hundred beads that I should have added for 'purl on RS' stitches. In fairness, I did intend to use fewer beads than called for in the pattern. I also confused the symbols for a single decrease and a double decrease at one stage. However, I did finish the project on time for a friend's birthday, and I am fairly smug with the results.

Pattern; Aeolian by Elizabeth Freeman
Yarn; Hedgehog Fibres pure cashmere lace in 'Glacier'. Beads; Japanese seed beads 8/0 round ( not knowing much about beads, I assume this refers to size & shape)

Lessons learned; adding beads with a crochet hook & reading the bloody pattern very carefully. Also noting the perils of printing charts in black &a…

Day Trip to Newgrange.

I love Newgrange. When I studied Art History in school it was one of my favourite topics. It makes me feel all warm & gooey that our little island has a substantial building project even older than the pyramids of Egypt, and even more so that we were clever enough to figure out that whole winter solstice / light box thing. I've even tried to alter a stranded colourwork sock pattern to imitate the carvings on some of its kerbstones - more about that later when I actually finish the socks! So it baffles me that I had only been to Newgrange twice, during school tours. It's only up the road!
So myself & a dear friend decided to make the trip as her pre-birthday outing. You have to visit the Bru na Boinne visitor centre to book onto the shuttle buses for access to the monument. We spent about an hour looking through the exhibitions & gift shop before our shuttle bus was ready. I was delighted to see some displays explaining use of textiles & fibres back in the day;…

Ishbel Shawl

A family member's recent birthday required a knit gift; something lovely but quick; something that I knew I could knit in a hurry & that was likely to appeal to a more conservative relative.

Pattern; Ishbel by Ysolda Teague Yarn; Jamie Possum 4 ply in 'Oatmeal'
Of course, I had to miss the relative's surprise birthday party due to a certain someone's recent surgery.