Forgotten knits

I have somehow forgotten to show off these finished knits, in spite of the fact that I wear them on an almost constant basis. 

My Handspun Hat;
Yarn; spindle-spun 3 ply yarn, using mixed-fibre batts from LHogan. This particular batt was named 'School Uniform' & I picked it up at the 2010 Knitting & Stitching Show. I dunno about you but my school uniform was never this interesting!  The batt was 100g; I did not use all the yarn to make the hat.
Needles; 4mm (taking my slightly loose tension into account.
Pattern; Made up. Based on many social occasions when surrounded by fellow knitters, I have come to the conclusion that I have an abnormally large head. Seriously, no grown woman that I have encountered has beat my 23.5 inch circumference. More room for brains?! So your typical woman's hat pattern is usually too small for me. 
I cast on 96 stitches & worked in 2 x 2 ribbing for about 2 inches, and then worked the rest of the hat in stocking stitches. The crown decreases are a combination of left-leaning & right-leaning decreases. 

I'm reasonably happy with the finished knit; it is slightly but not overly slouchy & very warm. However in extremely windy conditions I can feel it beginning to slip off my head. I do intend to re-knit the ribbing with a few stitch decreases for a little negative ease and a more secure fit.

Stocking Stitch Cowl:
Yarn; Malabrigo Lace, less than one skein, in 'Tuareg' colourway. Which amuses me as there is also a 'Tuareg' tea in the Tea Garden
Needles; 3.5 mm needles
Pattern; Another makey-uppey knit; this cowl is super cosy & super simple to knit. I cast on 140 stitches and knit in stocking stitch until I got fed up / a cold neck. This cowl is very light weight & thin but very cosy. It is long enough to cover my neck and the lower part of my head; for colder days I would have it tucked under a scarf and up under my hat just to make sure there are no gaps allowing in the cold. I've pulled it up over my face when walking into a cold wind, & have it slouching around my neck on not-so-cold days for just a little warmth. While malabrigo lace wears very badly, this simple cowl will still be useful & cosy even if pilled & fuzzy.

It's been very useful for some recent windswept hillwalking excursions.

Photos by Tom (aka 'The Fella')


  1. You were lucky to get that cowl back from my fella last fiber fun friday! He was still talking about it later!

  2. :) perhaps you should send him in to TIK to pick out his own mmmmmalabrigo lace for his own cowl?


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