Gratuitous outdoors photos

While tidying up my photo filing I came across some photos taken during a previous walk up the hills.

Some of which amused me greatly. Rock-face - geddit?
 Some of great views over Dublin bay...
 And south, towards Wicklow
And some that reminded me just how quickly the weather turns.
I was very glad to see that bit of sun!

And in fibre-related activities, I have been spinning quite a bit. 
This is Knit have recently gotten in some solid-coloured Corridale tops. I've never spun this fibre before. It was a little sticker than, say Bluefaced Leicester, or Merino but still pleasant to use. I mixed together grey & a turquoise colour unevenly after tearing into strips lengthways. I used a spindle to spin the singles & then plied it on the wheel. No idea what I will knit with it yet though.


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