I'm happy to announce that I survived the Flora Women's Mini Marathon. By the time it came around, I had already decided to mostly walk the 10k route.  I was hoping to complete it within 100 minutes, and was delighted that my finish time was 92.5 minutes. With a little luck and a lot of discipline I hope to improve on that speed by next year. 
Thank you to everyone who shared words of encouragement, to everyone who donated to my collection in any form, and anyone who listened to me whinging about a sore arse for several days after the event.

I'm utterly delighted to announce that, through sponsorship, a bake sale in work, and the yarn sale, I exceeded my target of 500 euro and managed to raise a whopping
for the Irish Cancer Society.

I'm utterly chuffed. It's amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.


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