Sewing for small people


I've been sewing some bits for a certain small human; I've made two slings from instructions based on this tutorial by Jan Andrea. The first sling was made using blue & lime green cotton fabrics from Murphy Sheehy. I was reluctant to entrust a child's safety to one measly layer of fabric, so used a thin lining with thicker cotton fabric. As a result, the pleats were very thick & my sewing just a bit messy. I also suspect that I cut the fabric a bit wider than the recommended 30''.

My second attempt, on the right, is sewn in grey & blue finer weight cottons. As the fabric is lighter, there was not as much bulk to sew through at the pleats. I'm happy with my attempts to sew some practical items, but am still waiting for the little one to arrive, so have yet to test these out. It is my intention to use these slings while pottering about the house etc, as little ones like to be held, and I like to have my hands free to do stuff!

I've also been working on my first attempt at a patchwork quilt; cot-sized. I was a bit overwhelmed by proper instructions & patterns in quilting instruction books, & decided to just jump in & sew. As a result, it's not the most aesthetically pleasing or planned quilt, but I am satisfied with this as a first attempt at patchwork. I used various cottons in aqua greens & blues collected over the last few years, & arranged square-ish shapes in offset rows, a bit like a brick wall. My sewing is not properly squared, and my assembly of the wadding & backing layers is far from perfect, but I don't think a small human will really mind too much.

I do intend to attempt more patchwork quilting, but will actually follow instructions & a plan next time, instead of making it up as I go along! 


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