Conspicuous Knitting

I'm sure you can imagine my gleeful grin as I write this post. I simply loved knitting this project; the excitement of watching a  the colour work pattern emerge, the thrill of cutting a steek (or two) and the satisfaction of a lengthy i-cord bind off... sigh. I will readily admit that I am thrilled to be showing off this particular piece of knitting; there's no way you can miss this big piece of lovely wool buttoned around the little one as she sits in the carrier. 

This is a modified version of Kate Davies' gorgeous blanket pattern Tir Chonaill. I made this to keep the little one extra snug as I carry her about in the Beco Soleil. Stranded colour work creates an extra warm fabric due to the carried strands of the non-working yarn on the wrong side of the fabric.  
The blanket is knit in Studio Donegal's Donegal Tweed (blue) and Soft Donegal (off-white), with a little bit of Malabrigo Lace to line the hood. 
Admittedly, the hood is a little big at the moment, but she will grow into it!

I used:
240 yards of Studio Donegal Soft Donegal in Bainin for the main colour (apologies for the lack of fadas to any Irish speakers)
176 yards of Studio Donegal Aran Tweed in blue for the contrast
56.4 yards of Malabrigo lace to line the hood
5 toggles
4.5 mm interchangeable needles, plus many spare cables & stoppers

I'm so happy with this knit that I refuse to distract from its woollen goodness by having visible buttons on its front; i-cord loops and wooden toggles, on the wrong side of the knitting, connect it to my coat buttons & button holes.
See? Gleeful knitter indeed.

Thanks to Tom for taking the photos of me prancing about with the little one attached. They are both rather tolerant of my ways. I am lucky to have them!


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