Happy Camper

I am delighted to announce that I have just published instructions for Tír Chonaill* - the Baby Wearing Edition (project originally blogged here). The instructions are available to download here on Ravelry
You will also need to purchase a copy of Kate Davies' original Tír Chonaill pattern available here.

This blanket has been getting plenty of use as I tend to bring the little one for a walk every day. There have been no more little gasps from her when a sudden gust of wind hits, so I assume its doing its job well. I've been pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback I've received for this project. I really enjoyed knitting it, & hope that by sharing instructions, I can encourage other baby-wearers to show off their knitting too.

*I am also rather happy that I have learned how to type vowels with fadas on the Mac; as a pedant with a c úpla focail as Gaeilge the lack of that wee slanty line was really bothering me. It changes how the words are pronounced, you know!?


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