I've recently read an article on this book and it definitely describes how I feel about my home & possessions at the moment.  We moved about 7 months ago, and dragging all our possessions out of the depths of the cupboards really does emphasise just how much we have, and how little of it we actually use. So far this year I've been focussing on clearing out things that aren't used or loved.
The easiest thing would be to just toss it all in the rubbish bin, but I also hate the idea of useful things ending up in a landfill.

Some of the more ridiculous items I have cleared out over the past few weeks include;
Grocery receipts from a year ago.
Used batteries collected since 2006 (there was a bus ticket in the box with a date)
A nice stone. Yes, a stone. It now lives in the back garden.

This is all a long-winded way of announcing that I have decided to offer up most of my handspun and lace weight yarn stash for sale, in the hopes that it will fulfil it's yarny destiny at the hands of another crafter. It's all listed on my Ravelry stash for sale or trade page here.  All my crafting right now tends to be machine washable so I really cannot do these lovely things justice. Please, give them a new loving home.

And here's a recently finished baby hoodie to show off too. 
Yarn: Millamia Naturally Soft Merino
I am very happy with the fit (a bit big for now) on its owner, but think the execution of the textured stitches could have been neater. 
I didn't make any modifications but would consider making this one again with a little less textured stitches - possibly with purl 'ridges' on a knit background in the shoulder area.


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