Sewing - The Anywhere Chair

During a recent family visit, the old travel light vs secure the baby dilemma came up again. The highchair we got for baby just barely fits in the car, but doesn't leave room for much else. I was considering a booster chair, when I remembered something I had come across on Pinterest; a fabric contraption that could be used to secure baby to a regular chair. 

I followed this tutorial by Made by Marzipan and used odd shaped fabric & wadding leftovers from previous projects with 80 cents worth of velcro tape.   This only took a couple of very short evening sewing sessions. It has limits (it will only fit a certain type of chair) but will easily fold up & fit in a changing bag and will certainly hold this little one while we sit around a family dinner table. 

Not bad for some leftovers!
(note how I haven't shown detailed photos of my very wonky top stitching)


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