Sewing FO - sun hat

I present to you a 'vintage' baby sun-bonnet. It was mine as a baby, and I'm reasonably sure that my dolls wore it too. It's now coming in useful for my own Small Human in the glorious sunny weather we have had recently. 
But it's always useful to have more than one. I used the original bonnet as a template, & whipped up a second one in some leftover camouflage fabric. It just took an hour or two. Of course, I had to add just a little hint of girlie, with some pink gingham ribbon around the outside...
and some pink gingham lining on the inside. 
She even keeps it on sometimes, as she seems to realise the wide brim keeps the sun out of her eyes. 
The other half has been referring to this hat as 'Little Soldier on the Prairie' - seems accurate!
I intend to make another one or two in plainer fabrics, so that they will go with any outfit we might have on her. I've recently been watching 'The Great British Sewing Bee' so have found it strangely exciting and satisfying to whip up something useful & wearable in one evening.


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