Woolapalooza Sheep Festival at Airfield

I wanted to try make the most of the long weekend, so yesterday our little family packed up the car & headed over to Airfield in Dundrum.  We haven't been there since major refurbishments have taken place. The entrance is now much larger & within easy walking distance of the Balally Luas stop, and the new buildings are beautiful, using impressively large wooden beams for support. Of course, I forgot to get photos of all of that, but you really just want to see the sheep. 

Woolapalooza Sheep Festival offered us the chance to see sheep shearing... (spot the impressive handspun jumper that I suspect was made from Jacob based on the colours).

 And sheep dog trials. 
We had a good wander around the grounds & spotted these 2 day old piglets curled up with their mamma - they look so cosy!
We also got to see some lambs frolicking in the fields while we wandered along the woodland paths.  

There were also knitting, felting, spinning and weaving displays, but the small human's need for a nap was of more importance than this mammy's want to see craft displays. We also missed the speed knitting competition, and I really want to know who won & how fast they knit!


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