Finished knit - Pippi Longstocking

''She was the strangest girl that Tommy and Annika had ever seen. It was Pippi Longstocking, going out for her morning walk. 
This is what she looked like: 
Her hair was the colour of a carrot and it was plaited in two tight plaits that stuck straight out. Her nose was the shape of a very small potato, and it was completely covered with freckles...
Her dress was quite odd. Pippi had made it herself. It was supposed to have been blue, but there hadn't been enough blue material, so Pippi had decided to sew on little red patches here and there. ''

The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, by Astrid Lindgrin.

My lovely little niece has has just turned one. To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to give her a classic book with appropriate toy*.  In spite of never actually reading the book, I have always had a soft spot for Pippi Longstocking. She's independent, generous, and the strongest girl in the world - what's not to love?! Plus the red hair is just a bonus.
Pattern; Poppy by Ysolda TeagueYarn; Patons UK fab DK for the body; Sirdar Snuggly DK for the hair & dress; DK weight scraps for patches on dress, and sock leftovers for stockings & boots.

Unlike many toy patterns, this doll is knitted in the round, in one piece, with stitches for arms held on spare yarn, much like say a top down raglan jumper. Brilliant for someone who doesn't enjoy seaming about a million little pieces of knitting!

My only deviations from the pattern were for the surface details;
I stitched & knotted individual strands for the hair **to allow plaiting, and added a few freckles across the face. I also added a couple of duplicate stitch patches, and knit separate long stockings with boots (I had knit stockings as part of the legs but they were much too short).

As often happens after I finish a toy, I want to make another; with added clothes, and accessories like Mr Nilsson. And I really want to get another copy of the book just so I can read it myself to my own Small Human.

*My Small Human received two knitted bunny toys and The Velveteen Rabbit for her first birthday from her auntie; I admit to stealing the book + matching toy idea. 

**Massive thanks to Sue for providing the perfect orange yarn from stash for that!


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