Sewing - Little Summer Dress

During the recent warm weather I've mostly been dressing the small human in loose light dresses & leggings. I picked up this little frock in H&M recently, and figured the construction was simple enough to imitate; raglan sleeves with an a-line body and a little bit of elastic at the neck & sleeve to gather. No buttons, no zippers.
All of the cottons I had in fabric stash seemed a little too heavy for the humid weather. I used lighter cotton fabric from an old blouse of mine (it had a hole in one sleeve and a wee tea stain in the front that wouldn't wash out) and some cord elastic I had lying about the house. I won't show off the internal seams, as I was up to my usual tricks of just lashing things together haphazardly. Must do better next time. (for the record, the dress is not as wonky as it appears in this photo. Must also play closer attention when taking photos!)

There were pleats & darts on the front of the original blouse that I kept in the fabric; it's extra room for air to circulate on warm days. Though, now that the dress is done the weather has turned cooler! I'm delighted to make something useful out of damaged clothing; I've still got some scraps of the fabric left that may become bunting or patchwork eventually. 

I haven't posted about knitting in a while; I'm working away on quite a few too many things at once, as usual. I've just picked up Rialto 4ply for my next planned project; Hansel by Gudrun Johnston.  I'll be combining existing stash with the new yarn, and joining in with This is Knit's Hap-along... once I get a couple of other ongoing projects out of the way.


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