Obligatory 2014 round up

We've had a fairly hectic 2014; between the other half working long hours & taking trips away, the usual lack of time that goes with having a small child, and yet another house move, but this time with the added stress of a mortgage application, I'm a little surprised that I got any knitting done at all. I have been keeping track on my incoming & outgoing yarn quantities and can confirm that I have knit 9.7 kilometres, in 36 finished projects, and have ended the year with 6 kilometres less yarn in my stash than I began!

I had plans for getting things done over the holidays, which got chucked out the window in favour of visiting friends & family and eating far too many nice things for my own good.
I've also been knitting for myself; Cadeautje by Ysolda Teague. So warm & squishy!

Yarn: Jamie Possum Possum Plus 4 ply, held tripled (I'm trying to use deepest stash at the moment)
Thrums: Merino fibre

I made a haimes of the thrums at first, but got the hang of it by the second slipper. I added extra length to the cuff with garter stitch rounds*. I do intend to make more of these but would try make the thrums slightly thicker; mine were quite inconsistent. After just 2 days of wear they are already looking quite raggedy. Perhaps this is just the awkward phase before the fibre felts?

*modifications for those interested; (this was size 'g')
rnd 1: k
rnd 2: p
rnd 3: k
rnd 4: p
rnd 5 (decrease): *k2, K2 tog*
rnd 6: p

repeat rounds 1 & 2 a further 4 times (7 garter ridges).
Cast off.


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