Finished Knit; Colour Affection for ME!

I present a finished knit; a Colour Affection for myself.
I made some small changes from the pattern; I chose to knit in lace weight yarn with much smaller needles for a closer fabric, and as a result had to add in extra rows. 
I also started & ended with the same colour (black).

I'd been considering this project, and yarn choices for a while, and managed to find suitable combinations in yarn stash;
Black - Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb, from deep stash.
Purple - Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace, which I over dyed.
Grey - Austermann Merino Lace, received in a recent stash-swap with another knitter. 

I used a backwards loop increase.
For the first section, I continued to knit until I had 147 stitches,
The second section has 24 ridges in purple - my first contrast colour. 
The third section has 24 ridges in grey - my second contrast colour. 
I worked the edging until I got fed up of it; about 3 cm instead of the 5 cm called for in the pattern. 

Lately I've needed simple knits to keep my hands busy, without having to think too much. Some knitters complain about garter stitch, but it's exactly what I have needed lately. 
I ended up casting off 617 stitches, and with a shawl over 2.5 metres wide, knit on 2.5 mm needles. 
A lot of garter stitch, & a lot of much-needed distraction. There's something really lovely about squishy garter stitch fabric in light weight lace yarns, so I look forward to wrapping myself up with this shawl when the weather turns a little cooler. 


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