New Pattern release: Torc Scarf

Introducing the Torc Scarf. 
The scarf begins with a gently curving garter stitch section, cast on along the top edge and shaped with short rows. The applied 12x12 stitch reversible cable edging is a reinterpretation of golden torcs on display in the National Museum of Ireland, and included in the book A History of Ireland in 100 Objects.  I've been a little obsessed with the notion of taking inspiration from extraordinary artefacts - high status, highly ornate displays of wealth, that we assume were just for occasional or ceremonial wear - and creating cosy, comforting & wearable accessories for every day use. 
This scarf is very, very soft & squishy; definitely one of my cosier knits. It is also reversible. 

The pattern is written in two sizes:
The small size measures 140 x 21cm / 55x8" at the widest point, and requires approximately 400 m / 437 yards of DK weight yarn.   It wraps around the neck once with ends to tuck into coats. It is pictured in Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK in 'Wish'. 
The large size measures 206 x 21.5 cm at the widest point & requires approximately 610m / 667 yards. Pictured in Dublin Dye Merino DK in 'Alge', it will wrap around the neck twice, with ends to tuck in. 

A solid or semi-solid yarn works best with the pattern; preferably something bouncy to show off the cables, & with a little elasticity.  The wide cable can be tricky to work, especially in stiff yarns like cotton. 
The pattern is available to purchase now. (The obligatory goofy photos are without charge)

 I'm very grateful to the kind assistance & generous feedback of my test knitters Janet & Sherry. I've been amazed by how generous people can be, if you just ask for a little help.


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