New Pattern: Coggalbeg Cowl

Over the past months, I have spent many hours studying, sketching, and attempting to reinterpret Shiny Gold Things* from the National Museum of Ireland. I'm particularly fascinated by the notion of taking inspirition from high-status, ceremonial and impractical objects, and applying those inspirations to everyday, comfortable and cosy woollen things.

When wandering through the exhibition of gold at Kildare St, I was rather surprised to notion that the lunalae on display featured rather similar decorations. The basic curving shape usually has simple lines along its curving edges, with a concentration of decoration near the pointed ends, featuring combinations of lines, diamond shapes & chevrons. The Coggalbeg Hoard, pictured at the following link, features one example;

Coggalbeg Cowl is the first of a number of patterns inspired by this geometric decoration. The pattern is cast on along its length; it is knit back and forth using a combination of mosaic & slipped stitches, so only one colour is worked per row. The cowl is finished with applied button bands, and can be worn as a scarf, as a long cowl or doubled-up as a short cowl by rearranging the buttons. 
The finished cowl measures 32x31cm / 12.5x51.5" and the pattern includes written and charted instructions. The sample was knit using Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn in Crystal & Graphite. These skeins have been in my stash for some time, waiting for the perfect pattern. The cowl is finished with applied button bands, which have been reinforced with grosgrain ribbon; it could also be finished by sewing the ends closed to make a long cowl.  

Coggalbeg Cowl is available to buy now through Ravelry.

*Shiny Gold Things is our toddler-friendly term for artefacts in the museum; I do like to visit the museum when time allows, & pore over my books featuring prehistoric artefacts when time does not allow. 


  1. I love this, the pattern and the inspiration! Adding to my queue :-)


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