Common Sense, or lack thereof

 I've drawn names using a random number generator and *drumroll*
Some yarn parcels will be making their ways to
Clare Hamill & Margaret (one of you was selected twice. I'm going to leave it a surprise)
And patterns are due to
hmm on, Jennifer Aves & Diane

In the midst of small baby haze, and impatience to just get on with spreading joy, I had failed to consider logistics of how to contact winners. I had just assumed I would be able to reach people through their log in details when commenting. Sadly, it seems that not everything in the world wide web is entirely connected or interactive, or will send notifications, so I am still trying to gather delivery details. Every day is a learning experience, after all.

Margaret, if you're reading this, can you please contact me by email with your post address.
Hmm on, Jennifer Aves, and Diane, I am trying to reach you all for your Ravelry user names if applicable, or an email address.


  1. Blogger has messed up my id... is Hmm on me? If so (and even if not!) thanks for spreading joy 😃
    I'm GreyLake on Ravelry.

  2. Whoop thanks a million....I sometimes find leaving comments equally tricky so was glad this was easy...but sadly not on your side. 😣

  3. Yay! My rav ID is noirem :-) thank you


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