Botanic Gardens

With the Small Human on summer holidays, my day has been fairly consumed with taking care of the kids. There has been some time for knitting, but not so much for stringing words together in coherent sentences. In lieu of actual words, I'm sharing photos taken during a recent trip to the Botanic Gardens here in Dublin. We're quite lucky to live within an easy bus journey, and the Small Human enjoys wandering around the gardens every now & then. At the moment with so many flowers in bloom there is such a variety of colours & textures to enjoy. And even in the height of summer there are little moments of beautiful decay & peeling paint to admire. 


  1. I love taking my little ones to the botanical gardens here. From the time K1 could walk I'd let her wander wherever she wanted, following behind working on a sock. everyone who works there knew us.

    1. that's a lovely image. As someone said to me before, the botanics are particularly appealing because you don't have to worry about little ones picking up dog dirt (and other things)


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