It's been rather a long time since my last post, so I guess I'll have to summarise my knitting output for 2018 so far, very briefly.  Some months ago, I was overcome with the desire to make rainbow pom poms.  Which became two hat patterns. 

Solas (Irish for light) is knit in the round. It begins with corrugated ribbing brim. The body of the hat is knit without shaping, and is finished with a folded hem. This brim is drawn closed with an i-cord, finished with rainbow pom poms. I have been thoroughly amused watching these pom poms bounce about as Big Kid walks.

Stua (Irish for Arc) is a biased garter stitch hat with a square top. The hat is begun with a provisional cast on, knit flat, and grafted into a tube. The top is closed with a seam, and finished with rainbow pom poms. The garter stitch is super stretchy, which means it will accommodate growing noggins. 

I've just released Ardcrony; a reversible triangular shawlette. The pattern is begun at the narrow end, working biased garter stitch and a reversible cable pattern. The width increases as you work, and the shawlette is finished with an i cord button hole band. For a larger shawl, you could continue to knit & omit the button closure. (adding that to my knit queue for later). The combination of garter stitch and reversible cable makes a super soft & squishy fabric.  The shawlette was loosely inspired by gold gorgets in the National Museum of Ireland, a bit of a recurring theme for me! 

There will be more rainbow pom poms and reversible cable shenanigans in my future, but they will have to wait until after Woollinn Festival of Yarn. The excitement is only fierce. It's been lovely to see so many vendors, dyers and makers sharing their Woollinn preparations on various social media. I'm also really looking forward to seeing an awful lot of familiar faces over the few days, though I do apologise in advance if I ignore you in favour of the yarn.


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