Ziggy Played with Yarn

The last month or so has passed by in a little bit of a blur. The end of May was quite a busy & emotional time, between the first Woollinn Dublin festival, and a very important referendum, and I still feel as though I haven't quite gotten back to normal. 

Woollinn also saw the launch my latest pattern, Ziggy Played with Yarn. This cowl features a stranded colourwork zigzag pattern, and is knit in a tube and then grafted together in a loop. The colourwork pattern is a little reminiscent of 50s & 60s Op Art, with a gradual shift in the dominant colour. The pattern name is a word play based on lyrics from David Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust' because, sure why not?

 The sample is knit in Darnie, a new lambswool yarn from Studio Donegal. The yarn is 2 ply in structure, and fingering / 4ply weight, with a very subtle variation on Studio Donegal's signature neps. The yarn is a lovely woolly wool, but still soft enough for next to this sensitive neck. I'm very excited about the yarn, & want to knit all the things in it!
 The pattern is available in the Woollinn Show Programme 2018, (some copies still available from This is Knit). It still hasn't sunk in that I have been published, in print, alongside the amazing Carol Feller. 

I leave you with some goofy photos; the Small Human was my photographic assistant, and encouraged my YMCA moves.....


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