Case for circular needles

Circular needles are particularly useful things for knitters, but are also particularly messy. They get tangled. So I decided to make a case with individual pockets for each needle.

Cue much drawing on paper; measuring, stitching & folding, & tacking stitches to 'draw' on the right side of fabric.In spite of my attempts to be neat I still had wonky stitches...
..and uneven pockets.But even wonky pockets can hold circular needles.

I used a piece of felt inside the fabric, at the back of the pockets for a little extra stability. I'm mostly happy with the results; my sewing errors don't effect the functionality, and are only visible if you check under the pockets. I'm also rather pleased that I put some fabric & button leftovers to good use.

I am enjoying my recent sewing projects & hope to turn my machine to some garments soon. Watch this space!


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