Old stuff

 The fella recently picked up a new 50mm lens for his camera that is particularly good at taking clear photos in bad light conditions. (Dunno, something about a wider aperture I assume). I think he wanted this lens because he's been disappointed with low-light photos of his adorable niece (aka ''The Toddler"). Of course, I had to borrow the camera & lens & wander about my favourite low-light places.

First up; the museum at Collins' Barracks; Irish Country Furniture exhibition.

One of my ambitions in life is to have space for a kitchen dresser, so I can display my favourite crockery. I'm rather envious of this;

 A chest, containing photos & some delicate looking fabric things..
And, best of all...
It was all I could do to restrain myself from stepping over the barrier to see if this baby works. From a distance it looks like all parts are intact.

Of course, I took many many photos; too many for one blog post. 
Watch this space.


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