Sparkly Things

I haven't had much knitting to show off lately, but have been working on a variety of sparkly things with the Small Human. She's been recently introduced to the joys of PVA & glitter glue, though most of these projects have involved preparation by me, for the little one to add adornments later.

First up; some tree shapes. I cut triangles of corrugated cardboard & wrapped some deep-stash unloved Noro Kureyon sock yarn around the shapes, with a little glue to hold in place. We then added a few different adornments. Star stickers proved the favourite activity.  

Next, some more tree shapes, cut from 'felt' sheets & stitched with a little wadding in the middle. The Small Human had great fun rooting through the button jar, picking out buttons for me. 

Next, some stars made of lollipop sticks. I assembled the stars, but had plenty of assistance painting a coat of blue poster paint, and then a coat of glitter glue. I hope to hang these near some fairy lights to enhance the sparkling glitter.

Lastly, some more stars. I bought the cardboard stars from the paper craft section of Art & Hobby shop. We layered PVA glue & white tissue paper on these, but found that the tissue was too translucent when dried. I later painted these with a silver acrylic paint, & then wrapped them with a variety of sparkly threads while the Small Human played with some spare threads.

I've enjoyed making these decorations, but have realised that I'll have to change my expectations of the Small Human's involvement. She's not very interested in producing finished objects, but enjoys getting to play with the materials. More than anything, she's going to be delighted when we put up the Christmas decorations.


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