Comfort knitting

As anyone I converse with over Facebook & Twitter is probably aware, my place of work has announced redundancies. I know that my current email / admin role will be offshored to another country, and that it will probably happen between October & April of next year. We have been given no further information & are expected to continue on as normal while waiting to be told what will happen to us. Of course, this is all very upsetting; the company has made massive profits yet still seeks to make redundancies & has refused to acknowledge any responsibility to myself & other agency-employed workers. So, to distract from feeling rather sorry for myself, I have turned to knitting; stranded colourwork knitting that requires a little concentration; knitting that involves in improving techniques that make one feel like A Very Clever Knitter; knitting in slightly sticky rough-ish yarn that is perfect for such projects, and is ever so satisfying to handle.

In the mean time, I just keep reminding myself that a few weeks off work will give me time to knit up some of the stash! On a more serious note, this might be the opportunity to push myself to find something that I would find more gratifying.


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