Finished object; Laminaria shawl

Before blocking, knitted lace can look a bit, well, unpleasant. (I have used the phrase 'elephant scrotum')
After blocking, it is transformed!
Pattern; Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman.
Yarn; Alpaca Lace by Dublin Dye Company
I had my issues with this pattern; mostly because it can sometimes be difficult to maintain concentration for hours of fine knitting. I'm not a hugely experienced lace knitter so it can take a while for me to see & recognise an emerging pattern in the lace stitches. As a result I can't read my knitting & notice errors immediately, so there were some lengthy sessions unpicking & re-knitting to fix errors. All difficulties aside, I am delighted with the finished shawl; I love the gently rounded droplet shapes of the border stitch pattern & feel like A Very Clever Knitter while wearing it.
And because it is knit in an alpaca yarn, it is surprisingly warm. Beautiful & cosy; I suspect William Morris would have approved.*

*I am currently reading 'The Children's Book' by AS Byatt; this novel is set around the turn of the 20th century & the characters all have interest in the literary, social & design movements of that time.


  1. Gorgeous! Well worth the effort.

    Lols at elephant scrotum.

  2. You really showed that elephant who's boss!
    Simply beautiful work, hon. Very well done to you.


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